Ancestral Andean Ceremonies

Throughout the history of mankind, plants have played a vital role for human health, so much so that there is no medicine in the pharmacopoeia that has not a principle within a plant.


In the spiritual world, all plants and animals are in motion and alive. They have a collective spirit, unlike man who has a spirit individually for each of us. The collective spirit of plants and animals have wisdom and power as spirits of nature like the rivers, trees, lagoons and mountains. This is basic knowledge for the men and women of medicine, shamans, in the world and especially in America. Our ancestors had a profound knowledge of the power of plants and the specialty of each of them. All of them are teachers in their own way, but highlighted are the plants of power among which are Ayahuasca, Aguacoya or San Pedro, Wilca, Coca, Iguamanzari or Tobacco. Among others, these are sacred plants who have the power to lead us to alternate states of human consciousness, in which we are able to experience the reality invisible to the human eye. We can learn to be in relationship with the four elements and their spirit guardians, the subtle world, energies and spiritual laws which affect our lives. Just like the law of gravity, cause and effect, there are spiritual realities we can be made aware of which are impacting us as well. We can tune into these different frequencies, like tuning a radio. 


The ancestral medicines tell us that diseases of the physical body originate in the astral body for different reasons and the work of a shaman with the plants of power is to arrive at the root of internal conflict in the individual to heal the soul and so the physical body. The plants of power allow us to also make a trip to our inner self to with the help of shaman heal any internal conflict that influences our daily lives, as well as remove negative energy so we can walk light in this short but wonderful life that gives us the Great Spirit, God, The Great Architect of the Universe, Creator, or any other name we might call it. There is one single original energy and its essence is love who wants to show us to sing our song of our Being which weaves in the tapestry of Spirit. This creative force shows us we do not need to live separate and we should gather on the Earth. 


Our work is the spiritual cleansing with plants of power, specifically Grandmother Ayahuasca, Grandfather San Pedro, Grandfather Tobacco and Mama Wilka. May we all find healing and love in this beautiful life.


With regards of Universal Love,


Corazón de Pachamama

Retreat Center