Corazon de Pachamama is a retreat designed to help people to heal, connect with the spirits of nature and the Creator. Part of the funds that are collected with the retreats go to the reforestation of Ayahuasca in the same place where we harvest it, Gualaquiza. Additionally, a portion of the funds go to helping abandoned dogs in the street, as this is a major issue in Ecuador. We help to provide food for the municipal shelter and other organizations that are dedicated to the rescue of these animals and cover medical and veterinary expenses for sick or injured animals.

We also have an apprenticeship program for those who feel called to this vocation. There is a great need in society for people to take on this role with good, proper training. Folks will learn techniques for healing and get the opportunity to work with Ayahusaca, San Pedro and Wilka multiple times per week with Miguel and Katie, and other respected curanderos in Ecuador.