We have two retreats each month - the 2nd and 16th, but let us know if you are interested in other dates


We offer private retreats as well as single ceremonies, and limpias without medicine


Additional information
Are plant medicines right for me?
Plant medicines are not for everyone, however, for many people they can help lead to many long-lasting changes in physical, mental, and spiritual health and lifestyle. If you are suffering from physical or mental problems, or addictions, there is often a spiritual connection, and in this way the shaman and medicine can help clear this problem in the spiritual level, and the healing will manifest in the mental and physical planes. If you are genuinely seeking better health, more connection to the universe, Creator, or yourself, or are seeking some form of guidance in your life the medicine can be very helpful. If you are someone simply interested in the psychedelic effects of these plants, solely seeking visions, this is not for you.
Is there a diet?
Every center has different requirements for dieting before a retreat. Here we ask that you avoid red meat, alcohol, and recreational drugs a week before attending. We also advise eating in moderation (no excessive coffee, sweets, etc.) If you are taking prescription medications please inform us in your registration form. While here we serve healthy and simple meals traditional to Ecuador.
Ceremony safety
With one or two helpers in addition to the shaman in each ceremony to assist with a maximum of 8 guests, participants are always well taken care of. The shaman will judge your energy and needs and take this into account when serving you the medicine.
After ceremonies and retreats we are always available to talk and give guidance. As we are a smaller center, it is easier to stay in touch. All our lives are the ceremony, and the medicines show us how we can live our lives with more harmony. In your day-to-day lives after the ceremony pay attention to your dreams, give thanks to Pachamama for the food we eat, give thanks to the rivers, mountains, fire, and connect with the nature where you live. If something in your life is not resonating with you, have faith that you can change it and live the life you wish. Pray. Sing. Listen and move your body. Join in on group activities doing something that interests you, or join a wellness circle. Honor the Earth, honor your fellow man, and honor yourself.
Terms and conditions
- Please come with respect for these sacred plants, respect for other guests, staff, and an open heart and mind
- Complete the Contact Form. We will get back to you within 48 hours. Before accepting guests, we require a short interview/video call
-You are required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your place
- We may be forced to cancel our retreat or ceremony for political, environmental or any other reason out of our control. If we cancel due to any of these reasons we cannot refund your deposit.
-Please ensure that you have comprehensive travel insurance. We do not accept any responsibility for personal injury, damage, loss, or death that you may suffer directly or indirectly as part of your participation in any of the retreats or ceremonies or due to breach of these booking conditions.
- We ask you cooperate with our safety requests, such as staying in the ceremony space during the ceremonies, walking with an assistant to the bathroom if necessary, and being kind and non-hostile with staff and other guests. You may be asked to leave without refund if we feel you are risking yours or someone else's safety or being aggressive towards others
-If you decide during the retreat that you want to leave early for any reason, we do not refund any of the deposit.
-By booking a retreat with us you agree to these terms and conditions