Corazón de Pachama

Corazón de Pachamama is a place where you have the opportunity to cleanse and heal your soul and body. Reaching different levels of consciousness, and to find yourself with beings who love you in this plane of consciousness and others.

Through the use of sacred plants, you can connect to mother earth and gardian spirits of the elements, plants, animals,


Here you will have the opportunity to connect with the spirits of plants, animals, rivers, mountains, waterfalls and other elements of nature. We work several power plants including Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Wilka and Tobacco to cleanse each guest.


The ceremonies have no more than 8 people to ensure a personal experience for everyone, and we provide healthy, locally sourced food everyday. Corazón de Pachamama is a non-commercial center for those looking to learn to live in harmony with nature.


The ceremonies combine techniques of the Shuar people of the jungle, who work with Ayahuasca, Saraguro and Palta native peoples of the Andes.