Corazón de Pachamama offers volunteering positions for those interested in the chance to learn more about the medicines and assist guests in their healing journey



- An opportunity to give service to others and help those through their journey with the medicines while immersing yourself in nature and working on your own personal growth

- You will be able to connect more closely with nature, the universe and your own heart space, becoming more aware of your true self

- A chance to learn about plant medicines and shamanic techniques of Ecuador. It's possible you will be able to help in the brewing/preparation of these plants as well as during ceremonies

- The opportunity to take part in ceremonies of Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Huilka

- Accommodation in a shared cabin with a shared bathroom

- All food - healthy, delicious vegetarian food from local farmers purchased at the weekend market



- A willingness to collaborate and assist as a team. Be humble, caring, respectful and open-hearted. Leave drama and anger at home

- If you have not joined for a prior retreat/ceremonies here we ask volunteers to participate in a ceremony

- 1 retreat stay

- Refundable deposit of $100 

- Be willing to talk with guests and help them process their experiences

- Approximately 3-4 hours of work per day. The work mainly involves:

           - Cleaning the cooking/dining space, bedrooms and bathrooms, washing dishes and potentially some work in the garden 

           - Cooking- we are interested in those able to cook healthy pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan meals

           - Helping set up and clean before and after ceremonies

           - Help taking care of the dogs occassionally

- No alcohol or drug use on the property 

- The volunteer fee is $40/week which includes all food and helps to offset operational fees

- English speakers


Special services:

- We are also looking for volunteers skilled in these areas:

            - Certified yoga teacher

            - Meditation facilitator

            - Cook

            - Reiki facilitator 


In your time off you are welcome to explore the eclectic town of Vilcabamba that is 10 minutes away- there are nice restaurants, places to take yoga classes, meditation centers, sweat lodges, spas to get massages and reiki, pools and saunas, horseback riding tours, and many mountains and rivers to explore


To apply: Please send an email to hello@corazondepachamama.org  and discuss the following:

- Prior experience with the medicines and if you have attended ceremonies here previously

- Special skills (yoga teacher, cook, therapist, etc.) if applicable

- What dates you are interested in volunteering

- Confirmation that you have read and agree to the deposit, volunteer fee