Huachuma, San Pedro Shaman Training Program: Summer 2023, is an opportunity for those who feel the call in their heart and soul to work with Grandfather San Pedro.  This program is short, but intensive, lasting 40 days in total, beginning the end of June, 2023. In this program you will learn how to harvest and cook San Pedro, about the different lunar phases that effect harvesting, as well as ceremonies. You will learn different instruments, songs and techniques for cleansing, including drumming, the maraca, and how to work with perfumes, and tobacco. You will have several ceremonies each week, in the day and night time, to connect with the medicine and recieve his wisdom. You will learn about different types of ceremonies that we can have to help others connect more with the universe and help others to heal. This program will give you the opportunity to work in depth with San Pedro, and help you on your path to becoming a man or woman of medicine. Please send an email for more information and to set up a video call. 


If the calling is in your heart and soul, and you feel this is your path, join us and learn how to work with this sacred plant, different techniques for cleansing, working with instruments, songs, and protection. This is a short, intensive program that can help you on your path to working with medicine.

Corazón de Pachamama occassionally offers volunteering positions for those interested in the chance to learn more about the medicines and assist guests in their healing journey

The volunteer pays a fee, which depends on the amount of times they stay and what ceremonies they participate in. It is necessary to have a retreat at less 4 days, first. 




Aware of the needs in our society, we believe that the ancestral knowledge of working with sacred medicines must be shared with others on this path. Many feel in their hearts and spirits the call to work with sacred plants; they have the vocation and many of them have the gift to do so. For this reason, at Corazon de Pachamama, we invite those who feel this call to walk with us in learning, healing and helping others. Working with plants of power, spirits and the emotions of others is a serious commitment, with great responsibility. It is the most difficult journey you will embark on in your life, but also the most rewarding. To work with medicines, it is important to learn how to protect a space, connect and receive guidance from the medicine and your friendly spirits, cleanse and bring positive energy and light to a patient. It is not something that can be learned in a very short period of time. 

The full program will last 4 years. Each year there is face-to-face participation of three months, including three weekly ceremonies with different techniques and teachers, and on some occasions the ceremonies and practices are held in different places. Participants will have the opportunity to work with Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Wilka, Tobacco, in Temezcales, and learn how to give limpias. The number of interns per quarter is only two people.

Those who are interested in this path are welcome to contact us here, and we can set up a time for a phone interview.