Me gusto la medicina, me sirvio ..fue seguro..Gracias un abrazo !!


Marlen - Poland

Trova la luce nel mezzo alla oscurità ...Encuentra la luz en medio a la obscuridad ...Un viaje al interno de tu espiritu fundiendo natura , majia y leyendaAventurate hacia la luz enigmatica de tu interno como yo lo hice y cuentame los particulares de tu viaje !!!


Stalin - Italy

Definitivamente una EXPERIENCIA ÚNICA y GENIAL...Gracias Corazonde Pachamama muy especialmente a Miguel por compartir todos esos conocimientos sobre nuestra cosmovisión y sobre todo la aplicación de estos conocimientos...100% recomendado...


Patricio - Ecuador

Miguel's limpias was enough alone to make me feel satisfied but together with his ceremonies made for a deeply profound experience and helped me to find my fire!


Michael - Australia

We just want to say thank you for this magical excperience, these days changed our lives.  In Corazon de Pachamama  we experienced Wilka, for sure we will come back next year. Thanks again for the wonderful time you spent with us. We really enjoyed it.


Carly and Peter - Germany

Hola Miguel, un gran abrazo a la distancia, espero pronto estar por esas tierras y poder compartir nuevamente contigo grandes momentos de espiritualidad y de conocimiento interior guiado siempre por tu buen hacer y experiencia en la materia, han sido vivencias positivas, únicas e inolvidables en un ambiente de hermosa naturaleza y amistad.----Es sind unglaubliche tolle mystische und innere Erfahrung und Erlebnisse gewesen ,die ich nur empfhelen kann, 100% SICHER


Ralph - Germany

Miguel Alvarez took me on a spiritual journey that I will never forget. I could not have asked for a better experience. He took care of me when I needed him, during the ceremony and afterward. Vilcabamba is a magical place, and is the perfect setting for a cermony. A journey with the grandmother plant should not be take lightly, do this with the best intentions and be prepared to find what you didnt even know you were looking for.


Callahan - USA

Outstanding ceremonies Miguel, this was my second visiting him in Ecuador. We spent a few days hiking mountains with the spirit of an Pedro and mama wilka.  I Highly recommend, he s an outstanding generous shaman, has a wealth of knowledge, loves people. Many blessings to your family and your new baby, hope to revisit again next year brother


Cole - Canada

Thank you very much Miguel for the incredible and very emotional experience. I felt very clean afterwards and a huge sense of relief.  Miguel is very professional, consdiderate, caring and thorough Shaman.  


Beth - Irelan

Gracias Miguel por tan buena energía y buena  medicinas. Lo agradezco el trabajo honesto que haces. Bellísima experiencia con sus ceremonies. Por seguro voy regresar por Corazon de Pachamama en el futuro. ¡Gracias y abrazos Miguel!


Erick - USA

Thank you so much Miguel for the wonderful ayahuasca ceremony you gave me and kay. We felt completely safe with you and the whole experience was amazing, one of the highlights of our south American journey. I would happily recommend Miguel for anyone looking for a peaceful and enlightening spiritual journey, a really cool guy with a big heart.


Ben - Australia

Hola muchachon, thank you for taking great care of me during my stay at Corazon de Pachamama. The ceremonies were great and Vilcabamba is a truly magical place. It was a humbling expirience and life changing. i still feel the medicine working within me, i will see you again soon. Blessings.


Eric - USA

Spectacular mountain views at every turn. Drinking in the memories the camera cannot capture. A FANTASTIC WEEK Miguel. You were the perfect host and along with sarah made Eric and my stay very confortable and enjoyable. The secred healing powers of the plants is why i came here, looking for answers to the meaning of my life and the difficulties. I was encountering. This Special place is just outside of Vilcabamba, an interesting little town nestled in the mountains of Souther Equador, The perfect place to escape. Taking a journey into myself and letting a lot of negative energie release from my mind and body was a hard process. I truly feel the diference. Along with the guidance of MIGUEL and Sarah as well as Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Wilka i feel my journey has really just begun. Thanks for all the great places tou took us, the horseback ride up through the mountains was a dream come true. I will always have a special place in my heart for the beuty of your country Equador. Wishing you a wonderful life. Forever friends. Jane


Jane - Canada

IIjust finished my retreat here and it was an amazing experience. Miguel has real powers to heal and he also instructs others how to do so in their own way. The place is very comfortable, food is delicious, and Vilcabamba is a very magical place. Gracias 



Une semaine d'initiation à Corazon de Pachamama au côté de Miguel vous transportera au delà des frontières du visible. Miguel, avec maitrise et bienveillance, vous accompagne dans une odyssée organique et introspective. Vous sortirez grandi de cette expérience. Gracias por todo Miguel, voy a volver pronto



Thank you Miguel. i highly recommend anyone in Ecuador to go to chakapita and experience the healing power of the medicine. The journeys were inspirational and life changing. Being new to the world i hat hesitations and fears. Miguel teachings reasurred me, i felt like i was in of of the safest places on earth. If anyone reading this wants to speak about my experience or has any questions please massage me and i am more than happy to share and help people to discover Corazon de Pachamama




I had an amazing healing journey at Corazon de Pachamama, I felt secure and safe the entire retreat. The house is in paradise and it is the perfect place to heal. It was magic and I am very grateful.



"Just I can say thank you for this magic experience, this days change my life, just in Corazon de Pachamama i find Wilka, for sure im back the next year. Thanks again for the wonderful time you spend with us!! We really enjoyed it!"


Carly USA

"My first experience with ayahuasca was in may 2016 in Corazon de Pachamam in Ecuador. The taste of Ayahuasca is nothing sort of delectable. It has unique bitter taste, but ayahuasca helped me a lot. Before I went to Ecuador i was suffering of migraine. My pain was so horrible, so many times I wasn t able to go to work. I got only 3 ayahuasca ceremonies, but after them i lost my migraine (I hope forever). Im back form Ecuador for two months and feel no pain, so i can recommend power of secret platns..but also I have to say that my shaman did a great job, because he look after me all the time."


Syr Ka-Slovenia

"I just returned from Vilcabamba. A friend and I traveled there from California to sit in ceremony for a week with Miguel at Corazon de Pacamama (we were joined by two other Americans). I have quite a bit of experience with plant medicines in the United States and Mexico and my friend and I were looking for an authentic experience in S. America. We researched different options and chose CCorazon de Pachamama, largely because Miguel offers Wilka ceremonies, which are unique in the world (the town is named after the Wilka trees that surround it.)

Vilcabamba sits in a beautiful valley, cradled on all sides by the Andes mountains. The town, itself, is small and charming, with a central square of markets and vendors, people hanging out on benches, and a warm, welcoming, slightly eccentric vibe.

Miguel has a comfortable tile and adobe house on a quiet piece of property among cow fields a short walk from town. The property has fruit trees and a ceremony space out back, and sits walking distance from a clean river. We were well taken care of and comfortable, with help from sweet Jessi who cooked, tended to our needs, tidied up after us and offered us (me, especially) support during difficult times in ceremony.

Ceremonies began with cleansing blessings and Miguel would sometimes punctuate the ceremonies through the day/ night with a couple rituals (releasing things into the fire, protection, etc). During ceremonies, he spent most of his time watching over the group. There were a couple times when the energy got dicey and he was there to support and help and guide but, during the bulk of the time, he was largely hands-off. A couple days into the retreat, I spoke with him and told him that I would like to know more about his process and he explained that he sometimes doesn't offer more in the way of physical support or information (he knows when it is needed and not) for a couple reasons; one, everybody is on their own journey and working through their own stuff and it's important that space is given for that to happen and two, he doesn't want to offend anybody who might be spooked by the spiritual things he sees and the energy that he works with. I told him I would like to know about those things and he opened up and shared them with me for the rest of the trip. I felt safe and cared-for and I was ultimately grateful for the space as I moved through the things that came up for me; I don't think I would have made progress in the way I did if I had been coddled.

Miguel is kind and considerate with a good sense of humor and, during our off-time, he was a fun and engaged part of the group.

He has two sweet dogs who we all fell in love with.

We didn't get to experience a trip into the mountains because we were exhausted from the spiritual work but I would love to do that next time.

It was an incredible experience that affected me, greatly, providing much healing and growth. I would return, eagerly. Feel free to message me if anybody would like further info.

Thank you, Miguel, I look forward to seeing you next time!"



"I just finished the 12 day retreat at Corazon de pachamama and what an awesome experience!! Miguel was amazing - he was so supportive throughout yet also gave me space when I needed to go through something. He was a great Guardian during all the ceremonies. The journey with the medicine was very powerful and I feel completely transformed. Thank you Miguel for sharing your wisdom, gifts, and medicine with me!! And thank you to Jessi and the sweet dogs for their support and presence."



"This was incredible.  I was guided with such love, patience, and calmness that it truly amazed me.  I trust Miguel with any future ceremony I partake in.  The experience left such an impression on me not only because of the sacred medicine, but because of Miguel's beautiful presense.  He really made a huge difference in my experience.  The center was beautiful too, nestled inbetween the mountains.  Their three dogs who Miguel called "the facilitators" helped me see the humor of life that weekend.  The traditional ceremonies were led with such care I felt they came from a long line of shamanic tradition and I felt truly blessed to be a part of it all.  Thank you infinitely Miguel Bendiciones"




"I just spent nearly two weeks with Miguel at Corazon de Pachamama.  The twelve days Ayahuasca retreat was at first extremely challenging but ultimately led to a major breakthrough and a truly transcendent experience.  Miguel is a prince among men!!  He is a gentle and wise soul and has much love and appreciation for his work and guidance."


Robert- USA

"Miguel is so kind, funny, welcoming, accommodating, wonderful, and knowledgeable. Corazon de Pachamama is a beautiful and peaceful paradise and it’s the perfect place to have experiences with Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and Wilka and feel comfortable and safe. It’s a dream to be here and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking into ceremonies."


Lizzy- USA

The retreat was my first experience with plant medicine. Corazon de Pachamama offers three of them (Ayahuasca, Huilka, and San Pedro) – I tried them all and had profound experiences with each one. Miguel is down-to-earth and un-intimidating, and he and Katie made me feel very safe and comfortable in unfamiliar situations. The retreat is in a quiet area surrounded by beautiful nature – we went for an invigorating hike that finished with a view of the resort far below. The room was airy and clean and the bed comfortable; and the freshly prepared vegetarian food was delicious – a highlight of my stay! I am happy I chose Ecuador as a destination, since I enjoyed immensely visiting other parts of the country before and after the retreat. I would recommend Corazon de Pachamama to anyone looking to experience plant medicine in a safe and comfortable setting."


Janelle- Canada

Corazon de Pachamama is a wonderful retreat, my experience was 10/10. Definitely ask for a ceremony with maestro Miguel. I have met many shamans throughout my life and he is by far the best. He helped me with a lot of issues and his positive work still has a tremendous impact on my life. Other people in my group had a similar experience.




I cannot express all my gratitude to the people in the retreat and to the shaman Miguel, This was a truly life changing experience and I have to say that it changed my way of thinking for good. Everything from the beautiful garden and mountains to the staff and the dogs who also had their role in the entire experience were perfect. Thanks Corazon de Pachama.